Welcome! Why should you join us?

Well, hello there. This is a spur-of-the-moment decision to start a project covering the WNBA and the Atlanta Dream. I started covering the organization for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and fell in love with covering women’s basketball at a different level than my usual experience covering college and the University of Georgia.

I’m not too sure what this will be yet. I will continue to accept assignments as they come for the AJC, and this is another outlet to bring you guys consistent coverage of the franchise. This might only be a thing for one season, but we will see. One thing I can guarantee you is that the work will have depth and elements that are unmatched by other journalists. I try to do my best each time I create a post, and I will continue to do so.

Here’s what I am thinking. My stories will be behind a paywall. I want to be able to make this worth my while financially by giving my best work. It will be crazy cheap, however, to make it affordable and a good experience for you great readers. There might be some stories, too, that are missed on here because I will continue to take assignments from the newspaper as they come my way.

I hope you will all join me on this journey. It will be fun.

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